Who I Want to Qualify for Worlds 2

There are already 10 teams locked in to attend the 2016 LoL World Championships, with 6 more to be decided.

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Unfortunately, I have no real opinions on who I’d like to see in the International Wildcard slots, since I’m not able to follow those scenes, but here’s who I’m hoping to see fill the other question marks:

NA LCS 3rd Seed: C9

I’m honestly pretty torn on whether I’d prefer to see Cloud9 or Immortals at Worlds. On the one hand, C9 has really stepped up their play over the past month, and I’d love to see them rewarded for that. On the other hand, the Immortals have obviously worked really hard this year and having them finish 3rd two splits in a row and then fall short of reaching Worlds would be pretty heartbreaking.

Overall, I’ll be happy with either C9 or IMT going, as long as I see the qualifying team really earn it. I want to see some high-quality play in the Regional Finals so that North America, as a region, can feel good about the representative they’re sending.

EU LCS 3rd Seed: Splyce

For the sake of legacy and tradition, it would be nice if Fnatic made another run to Worlds, but in this case I’m more interested in having Splyce attend. With Fnatic’s implosion over the past month or two, there’s a better chance for Splyce to perform well.

For the sake of Europe’s future, as well, it would be really beneficial to give international experience and bootcamping time to young players like the Splyce guys. We can see Wunder match up against some of the world’s strongest top laners and be motivated to match their level, etc.

LCK 3rd Seed: KT Rolster

KT is my favourite Korean team so this one’s pretty easy! Love me some Score and Ssumday.

Having Samsung at Worlds would allow for some storytelling around their history as an organization, but these aren’t the same players anymore, and overall the Samsung roster is less compelling for me.

Having Fly’s champion pool at Worlds would also be a lot of fun!

LMS 2nd Seed: AHQ e-Sports Club

This is another case of me going with my fandom. I haven’t been able to watch much LMS this year, but when I do get a chance to look in on the league, I like to follow AHQ because I admire their ties with China’s EDward Gaming. I also like the continuity they’ve maintained with their roster. I understand that some of them have fallen off a bit compared to last year, from what I’ve heard, but I want to see if someone like Ziv can step up again and make another bold statement in the LMS’s favour.

I’ve been an AHQ fan ever since I saw GreenTea playing Support Malphite, so that’s part of the equation for me, too!

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