Whiteboard Note-Taking for my SKT vs SSG Win Conditions Article

While preparing my World Finals win conditions article this week, I took my usual approach of reading through my notes on each game they had played in the past several weeks, combing through their stats, and gathering those observations together while searching for themes.

I usually do this within a Word document, copy/pasting and typing and generating lots of variously-indented bullet points with scraps of sentences and interpretations built in, until an article outline emerges. I then begin to massage the outline, flesh out the sentences and paragraphs, and go digging for more supporting observations and stats to clarify my thoughts and shore up my arguments.

For this article, I decided to put the first part of this process on the whiteboard in my home office, instead. Here’s what that looked like:

SKT vs SSG Win Conditions Whiteboard

This approach was nice because it got me away from the computer screen a bit (I was reading through my OneNote notebooks on my phone), had me standing and pacing my office a bit instead of just sitting all day, and slowed down my note-taking since I can type much faster than I write by hand. The slower pace gave me time to refine my thoughts while I was writing, instead of just spewing the words into the document at my usual breakneck pace.

I’ll probably take this approach a bit more often in the future. If I do, I’ll try to share!

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