True Sight 015 – Are Longzhu Gaming Korea’s Second-Best Team? with Emily Rand

Emily Rand, staff writer for theScore eSports, joins me totells the story of Longzhu Gaming’s Spring split to date, including their 9-man roster.


  • 1:25 How are Longzhu using their large roster?
  • 3:03 How well has Longzhu been performing?
  • 5:25 Have there been play style differences between Longzhu’s two “lines”?
  • 8:15 Who have been Longzhu’s standout performers?
  • 10:33 How might Fury’s arrival affect Longzhu’s play style?
  • 13:13 Who has been the better Top laner, Expession or Flame?
  • 16:26 Are Longzhu the second-best team in Korea?
  • 19:04 Complete LCK gold spent percentage difference standings.
  • 20:07 Which two players need to step up for Longzhu to climb the standings in the second half?

Music by Bradley Rains

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