True Sight 014 – Snake Team Profile with Froskurinn

Froskurinn, LPL color caster, breaks down LPL gatekeepers Snake Esports.


  • 1:19 Snake’s historical team identity as team fighters.
  • 2:05 Changes in Snake’s play style.
  • 2:51 How Snake’s roster changes have affected the team.
  • 5:09 Coordination issues between TANK and Flandre?
  • 6:47 Froskuinn debunks/explains the LPL “team-fight-all-the-time” stereotype.
  • 8:26 LPL’s innovation of Tower-killing ADC item builds in 2015.
  • 9:22 Snake’s “weird history” with lane swaps.
  • 10:36 Martin as a weak point, LPL decision-making, and Martin’s “creative” itemization.
  • 13:28 How does Snake play different with Martin compared to KRYST4L?
  • 15:25 Snake’s ceiling in 2016: roster changes needed?
  • 16:17 Issues with Snake’s drafting.
  • 17:30 Is Snake at risk of falling into the bottom half of the standings? And discussion of some of their competition from other teams.

Music by Bradley Rains

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