True Sight 010 – “What’s wrong with the NA LCS?” with Ryan Tang

I ask Ryan Tang, founder of “What’s wrong with the NA LCS?”


  • 1:49 The main weaknesses of NA LCS organizations (talent consolidation, lack of strategic diversity)
  • 5:11 The effects of the LCS best-of-one structure
  • 7:54 How can NA evolve going forward? The value of mid-season roster changes and focusing on talent
  • 11:50 What’s the value of roster stability?
  • 13:18 Problems with Team Liquid’s team composition in 2015
  • 14:08 Contrasting Team Liquid’s approach with TSM’s rumored 2016 lineup
  • 15:35 The complexities of building a roster when the game itself is constantly evolving
  • 16:33 Problems with building a team for “last season’s meta”, CLG Seraph as an example
  • 17:44 Can NA become relevant internationally in 2016?

Music by Bradley Rains

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