True Sight 008 – Kelsey Moser’s Top Five Storylines from Chinese LoL in 2015

I ask Kelsey Moser, writer for theScore eSports: “What were your top five storylines from Chinese League of Legends in 2015?”


  • 1:32 Number 5 – The rivalry between Snake and King (now Royal Never Give Up)
  • 6:33 Number 4 – The rise of Qiao Gu
  • 12:55 Rumor that QG is in talks with Newbee
  • 13:33 Number 3 – Zzitai’s evolution
  • 19:43 Kakao’s explanation for why Chinese teams performed poorly at Worlds
  • 20:40 Number 2 – Clearlove’s great year
  • 22:08 The MSI Finals as the “moment” of the year
  • 27:03 The idea of Clearlove as the most team-defining player of the LPL Worlds representatives
  • 29:00 Number 1 – The Korean influx
  • 30:26 Korean players “naturalizing”, taking on the lax Chinese mindset
  • 32:04 The role and effect of Chinese streaming companies in the Korean influx

Music by Bradley Rains

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