True Sight 009 – Bryce “eSportsLaw” Blum on the legal dispute between TSM vs. H2k

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Bryce “eSportsLaw” Blum joins me to break down the dispute between Team SoloMid and H2k over the contract status of Svenskeren, and discuss the broader legal landscape of the LCS.


  • 3:02 What exactly is H2k accusing TSM of?
  • 5:42 Potential effects of the dispute on the pending sale of H2k to outside investors
  • 7:45 What are the important questions to ask to know who is in the wrong?
  • 9:50 The factors that make a contract binding (under US law)
  • 10:59 Do the leaked Skype logs show whether Svenskeren had a binding agreement with H2k?
  • 12:34 What’s the difference between a letter of intent (LOI) and a contract? What makes them binding?
  • 15:33 What is Riot’s role in the dispute?
  • 17:32 What are H2k’s options moving forward?
  • 19:43 What is the best-case scenario for each team at this point?
  • 21:36 Why is this such a big issue? How is the League of Legends legal landscape different from traditional sports leagues?
  • 24:23 Bryce calls for a formal grievances procedure
  • 25:41 Why isn’t there a grievances/appeals system already in place?
  • 27:20 Other items on Bryce’s wishlist for improvements to LCS contracting
  • 31:51 The problems with non-standardized contract end dates
  • 34:24 How the LCS is ahead of other esports in its regulation, but with lots more left to do

For context, read the original article on Breitbart, the TwitLonger post by H2k’s CEO, and the responding TwitLonger post by TSM’s CEO.

Music by Bradley Rains

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