Time Management

My life is pretty busy. I know everyone says that, but… Well, let me demonstrate.


6:30: Alarm sounds. I’m up, I shower, breakfast, prep a lunch, out the door by 7:05. If one of my sons is up, they’ll eat cereal with me and give me a kiss and hug goodbye. One of the best parts of my day.

7:10 to 7:45: Bussing to work. I catch a VOD or check emails/Twitter on my phone, possibly do some outlining or editing on an article.

7:45 to 4:00: At work; I’m a full-time market researcher. During my coffee and lunch “breaks” I do data entry for anything that happened overnight, or EU games happening during the day.

4:05 to 5:00: Bussing home. I catch a VOD, or outline an article or video, or do emails/Twitter. If I’m feeling fried, I might play a bit of Clash Royale.

5:00 to 8:30: Supper and hanging out with my wife and three boys, all aged 4 and under. We hit a playground, or build Lego, or lately we’ve been playing Plants vs. Zombies a bit. Bed time starts around 8 and normally takes half an hour or so.

8:30 to 11:00: Depending on my workload, I’ll fast forward through some VODs, or work on an article, or do some data work, sometimes on my laptop while watching TV with my wife so that we actually have some time together as just the two of us. I try to have at least one night a week where I put my phone and laptop away completely, but it doesn’t always happen. If I have a deadline, I work in my office in the basement.


6:30: Up without an alarm. Coffee goes on. If no one else is awake, I’ll try to get into a VOD while it’s still quiet.

8:00ish: Family breakfast. We do stuff like waffles or French toast pretty often.

9:00 to 1:00: Family time. Playing with the boys in the back yard or downstairs, occasionally sneaking some time on my phone to view VODs in smaller chunks, but I’m not “supposed” to. Lunch. (On Sundays we’re at church for a couple of hours in here, too.)

1:00 to 4:30ish: NA LCS is on, so this is my time to watch as many games as I can. I rarely watch live, because it’s more efficient to watch games that are already done, fast-forwarding through the slower parts (rotations and farming etc.) and dropping speed and rewinding a few times in key moments so I can catch the details. I take pretty extensive notes (up to 1,000 words per game) because my brain is too full to hold on to details, so I have to pause to get my thoughts in order sometimes. During this time, my wife manages the boys on her own. Sometimes I’ll open my office door and let the boys in if they’re being “good” and not too disruptive.

4:30ish to 8:30: Eventually I pull myself away from watching games for more family time and supper, then we play until bed time. If my work load is heavy, I might negotiate some extra work time in here, but I try not to.

8:30 to 11:00: Work or time with my wife, depending on workload. On Sundays I have extra data entry because I do all the weekly updates (champion pages, LPL, CBLoL, etc.).


So that’s about the size of it. Throw in occasional social events with family friends during evening family time, too, but those are just occasional. Oh, I also run FiftyWordStories.com, but that only takes about six to eight hours per month.

I don’t know how many hours I work a week; you can do the math. But I don’t have any “free” time in a typical day, unless I sit up reading in bed and cut into my sleep time. (I’m reading “The Master of Ballantrae” by Robert Louis Stevenson right now. I love that era of literature.) It gets tiring, but it’s worth it. And I couldn’t do it if my wife wasn’t so understanding, that’s for sure.

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