True Sight 011 – “What is LGD like when they’re off the Rift?” with Jenny “Reira” Lee

I ask Jenny “Reira” Lee, LGD Gaming’s Global Media Manager, “What is LGD like when they’re off the Rift?”


  • 1:31 Memorable moments from the World Championships
  • 2:29 The living situation for all of the teams in Paris
  • 4:07 Cross-team relationships both in China and at Worlds
  • 6:56 Korean players from different regions getting “really friendly” at Worlds
  • 9:32 Personalities of LGD team members
  • 9:50 imp uses Chanel moisturizer and wears $1,000 shirts!?
  • 10:58 How TBQ handles community criticism
  • 13:07 Pyl’s personality (team captain)
  • 14:36 Flame’s personality (“princess Flame”)
  • 16:02 Acorn’s personality (the older brother)
  • 18:33 GODV’s personality (the joker)
  • 20:58 Challenges in the relationships between the Chinese and Korean players, team communication during games
  • 23:26 Preparation for IEM San Jose, and the team’s goals and expectations
  • 26:24 Pressure on LGD to win the tournament

Music by Bradley Rains

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