Naser Al’Naqi

True Sight 013 – “How High is NRG’s Ceiling in 2016?” with Naser “Empyre” Al’Naqi

I ask Naser “Empyre” Al-Naqi, Head Analyst for NRG Esports, “How high is NRG’s ceiling in 2016?”


  • 0:46 NRG’s preseason boot camp in Korea
  • 2:11 Empyre’s experiences of NRG’s offseason from the inside
  • 5:22 What is NRG’s ceiling in 2016? What are the team’s goals for the year?
  • 6:20 “I think we can become one of the best teams in North America.”
  • 6:57 Charlie Lipsie no longer with NRG: how has it affected NRG’s preparation?
  • 7:48 What kind of team is NRG going to be, strategically?
  • 9:15 What is the meta looking like from scrims so far? “Every [team] is trying out different things every day.”
  • 10:35 GBM: How is he adapting to NA, and where does he rank among NA Mids?
  • 13:55 “GBM excels in the team fight… He’s a huge, huge carry threat.”
  • 16:28 What should fans expect from Moon?
  • 17:29 What are the biggest strengths of Moon’s game?
  • 19:10 How well will Moon and KonKwon react to the pressure of playing on the LCS stage?
  • 21:05 Why did NRG stick with KonKwon over other available North American Support players?
  • 22:52 How well is communication working? Is there a language barrier?

Music by Bradley Rains

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