Some of My Favourite Work from 2016

As an analytical writer, I don’t do many “timeless” pieces. Most of my work is built around the time it’s released, telling stories about performance rather than personality. So a retrospective of my work from 2016 doesn’t really produce a list of still-readable pieces, but it helps me review my progress as a writer and my ability to present different ideas in different ways.

Here are a few of the pieces I’m most proud of from 2016.

TSM vs C9: A Classic Finals Rematch
I wrote the scripts for quite a few stats-oriented videos for theScore esports this year. One of my favourites was this breakdown of the storied TSM vs Cloud9 playoffs rivalry.

Me First, You First: The contrasting styles of Huni and Impact
I enjoy the process of breaking down a player’s style, their personal strengths and weaknesses and the roles they fill on their teams. It helps move the discussion forward instead of limiting player analysis to “good or bad,” “better or worse.” That’s how I went about contrasting Huni and Impact, two of the best top laners playing in North America in 2016, and I think it made for one of my stronger articles.

I’ll always be an analytical writer; it’s my niche in LoL. But some of my favourite pieces are the ones where I get to build a bit more long-term storytelling into my analysis and flex a slightly different set of muscles. Here are two articles where I did that:

Keeping Love Alive: Hylissang and Vizicsacsi lead the Unicorns’ quest for respect
The Unicorns of Live are a frequently under-discussed team, so I felt good about telling their story and providing a balanced perspective of their ups and downs.

Silver Tigers: The unsatisfying story of Korea’s second-best team
My Tigers article focused on their trajectory as a team, since their inception at the start of 2015, and their efforts to solve play style issues in different ways. Given their eventual performance at the 2016 World Championships, the title of the article seems that much more poignant.

Miracle Run: Cloud9’s Path Through the 2015 Gauntlet
To round out the list, here’s a storytelling video I wrote, looking back at Cloud9’s crazy 2015 gauntlet run. See, I can do retrospective, narrative pieces, too!

In 2017, I’ll continue to focus primarily on analytical writing, breaking down teams and players from a strategic and statistical perspective. I’d love to do a bit more storytelling, too, and possibly connect more with people inside the scene for interview-based pieces. We’ll see where the road takes me!

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