Rumour Mill Wish List

One of my Twitter followers asked me a three-part question:

Is there a way to write an article about: 1) A rumor you hope is true, 2) one you hope is false, 3) one you wish existed?

I thought it was an interesting idea, so here’s what comes to mind.

Hope It’s True

The most star-studded rumour—or perhaps it’s more speculation than rumour, based on what’s publicly known—is that KT Rolster will be replacing Arrow and Hachani with Deft and Mata.

As a KT Rolster fan, you bet I hope this is true! Deft and Mata are probably the two biggest free agent names out there, depending what you think about GorillA. KT have arguably the strongest top+jungle duo in the world already in Ssumday and Score, and Fly is a very versatile mid laner who could fit in will to a team with so much power—and relatively high resource needs—in both side lanes.

On paper, if KT Rolster sign Deft and Mata they will unquestionably be the most skilled roster in the world. I really hope we get to see that group go up against SK Telecom T1 and others.

Hope It’s False

Fomos, a Korean news service, has reported that players from the ROX Tigers are fielding offers from other teams. It’s probably wishful thinking to hope that isn’t true, but for the sake of the LCK and it’s fans, I’d really like to see that team stick together.

It must be frustrating for Smeb, Peanut, Kuro, Pray, and GorillA to fall to SKT so many times. And I certainly don’t blame them for looking to earn the money they’re worth, given the weaker financial status of the ROX Tigers team. Purely selfishly, though, I’d love to see ROX try again at mid lane with another sub option for Kuro and keep pressing for growth.

Regardless, I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching the players on whatever teams they disperse to, or with whatever new teammates the Tigers sign to fill the holes. It just doesn’t feel like the right development in this team’s story, given what they’ve gone through in the past two years.

Wish it Was Out There

I’d be really excited to hear something about Spirit, maybe see him going to Misfits? Spirit is a super good player whose reputation took an undeserved (in my opinion) hit in 2016 because of Fnatic’s team failures. In the right environment, I think Spirit could really assert himself and dominate the EU LCS. He just needs a team that understands how he plays and what he values. Maybe Misfits isn’t the team to do that; I’m not sure. One way or another, though, I just don’t want to see Spirit wander through another year of mediocre team results. He’s better than that.

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