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In case you missed any of these articles, here are a few of the pieces I’ve written that I’ve been most proud of over the past couple of months.

Silver Tigers: The Unsatisfying Story of Korea’s Second-Best Team
June 10: It’s said that finishing second makes you the first loser. After almost two years of being almost-but-not-quite champions, the ROX Tigers are a pretty good example of that phrase. Have the Tigers hit their peak?

CLG’s Unsung Hero: Tony “Zikz” Gray’s emergence as North America’s best coach
April 21: Zikz has quietly established himself as the best coach in North America over the past year, leading his team to consecutive championships but somehow never finding himself in the spotlight. It’s time for that to change.

The Quest for S Tier: How good is SKT’s Duke?
May 4: SKT hasn’t needed Duke to be a superstar — but is he one?

Big Greek Shoes: H2K Take a Chance on Freeze
May 25: As a head-to-head comparison of Freeze and FORG1VEN shows, there are reasons to believe that Freeze should not only fit seamlessly into H2K, but make them an even better team.

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