Post-QFs Power Rankings

Are the four World Championship Semifinalists the best four teams in the world? A certain simple logic would suggest this is the case, but the truth is much more complicated.

Because of how tournament-style events are organized, many teams never face each other. At Worlds, teams only face the other three teams in their group, then meet three other teams, at most, during the knockout stage. That leaves at least nine other teams that they won’t have played, by my count.

Since Origen hasn’t played against AHQ, or EDward Gaming, or the KOO Tigers, how can we say whether they would have beaten those teams? Based on OG’s victory over Flash Wolves, and their group stage games against TSM, KT Rolster, and LGD, we can speculate on how they would have done if things had fallen out differently, but we can’t really know for sure.

Still, speculating sure is fun, isn’t it? So here are my personal World Championships power rankings based on what we’ve seen from each team through the group stages and Quarterfinals.

My rationale boils down to: would they beat the teams below them in a best-of-five, and lose to the teams above them?

Magic’s Power Rankings

  1. SK Telecom T1
  2. Fnatic
  3. KOO Tigers
  4. KT Rolster
  5. AHQ e-Sports Club
  6. EDward Gaming
  7. Origen
  8. LGD
  9. Flash Wolves
  10. Invictus Gaming
  11. Cloud9
  12. Counter Logic Gaming
  13. Team SoloMid
  14. H2k
  15. paiN Gaming
  16. Bangkok Titans

How would you rank the Worlds teams so far, 1-16? Where do I have it wrong?

And for extended interest: where would you rank teams like the LPL’s Qiao Gu, LCK’s Jin Air Green Wings, LMS’s Hong Kong Esports, NA’s Team Liquid, or EU’s Gambit Gaming (with Forg1ven)?

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