Positional Power Rankings and a Content Forecast

It’s again been a little while since I released a podcast episode, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting on my hands. You may have seen my Mid Laner Power Rankings articles this week, covering both the NA LCS and the EU LCS. The topic and presentation style seem to have really resonated with people, judging by the Reddit discussions (over 1,500 comments on the NA LCS piece!), and that’s awesome. It’s really gratifying to see people enjoying my work, and only slightly less gratifying to see people hating it enough to voice their discontent in a variety of creative ways. : )

A lot of people have been asking whether I plan to do the same for other leagues or other positions. Right now, I have some other things in the works–including a larger LCS playoffs preview project for Unikrn that should come out next week, which I’m really excited about–so I don’t know if/when I’ll do any more positional power rankings. They’re a lot of fun to do, though, so I’m not ruling anything out over the rest of the month.

The rest of March is going to be really interesting for me, not only with the special project for Unikrn that I mentioned, but also with wrapping up the LCS regular season, hopefully digging into another deep analysis article or two (I’ve had a request to do a “deep dive” into the Jin Air Green Wings, which intrigues me), and planning for some things that are going to happen in April. With all of this going on, I don’t have another podcast episode lined up, but if I can fit one in somewhere I will.

I’m very excited to share some more awesome content with everyone, especially over the next six weeks or so, and I hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride.

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