Nailing the Transition

It’s March 31, which means the formal end of my tenure with Unikrn and, tomorrow, the start of publishing content at theScore.

I’ve got two pieces coming out tomorrow. One is my first article for theScore, my promised breakdown of why I think Piglet has been the best AD Carry in North America this split and should have been first-team All Pro instead of third-team.

The other piece is something bigger, the last project I produced for Unikrn. It’s an NA LCS playoffs guide that gives a stats and analysis overview of every team and every player competing over the next few weeks. I got to see some of the early design work and I think it’s going to look really sharp. Hopefully it will be fun and informative for people to read, as well.

It’s cool to be able to put both my last Unikrn piece and my first theScore piece out on the same day. I wasn’t sure if I’d have a lull between the two. I probably could have, if I’d wanted, but I decided to hit the ground running. I’m not very good at “down time”; if I’m not working on a new article or digging through the data or watching some VODs or something, I get antsy.

I haven’t had any time to feel that way lately. Even if I had taken a bit more time before writing my next article, I had my hands full with a fun Reddit AMA yesterday (thank you to everyone who asked questions!), and I’m still a few days behind on LCK VODs. (I just finished Samsung vs Jin Air from last week. Really interesting to watch how those teams play.) So, busy busy busy!

I’m really excited for tomorrow’s content, and I can’t wait for LCS playoffs to start on Saturday.

April is going to be awesome!

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