NA LCS Roster Churn

TSM dropped their expected roster-change bombshell today, a few weeks earlier than expected, announcing that on top of Dyrus’s retirement, Santorin and Lustboy are stepping down, Santorin to stream and go to school, and Lustboy to stream and do some unspecified analysis support for the team.

With TSM reworking their roster, and multiple other organizations already announcing changes, I’m wondering whether even a single NA LCS team will enter Spring 2016 with their starting five unchanged.

TSM, Team Liquid, Cloud9, Renegades, and Immortals (formerly Team8) have already confirmed changes. There are rumors of one of CLG’s members retiring. Dignitas should make changes, assuming they want to win some more games next year. Gravity and Impulse may have a hard time holding on to all their talent, if they even try to keep everyone, because players like Altec and Adrian could receive some big offers from other organizations. Coast seems relatively stable, but will likely jump at the chance for an upgrade if they see an opportunity.

The offseason is always an exciting time, and this could be one of the most exciting Novembers we’ve seen since the start of the LCS era. I’m planning to do some articles on different teams’ wish lists and possible free agent targets after Worlds is over, assuming we don’t get instantly inundated with announcements as soon as the calendar turns. (Please, team owners: give the media some time for speculation and commentary before you make too many big revelations!)

Worlds today, free agency tomorrow… Exciting times, indeed.

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