Is Gamsu the Next Huni?

Despite their excellent performances in-game throughout 2015, Fnatic has had a rough offseason so far, losing three of their five players as well as their Head Analyst. According to a recent report out of the Daily Dot, though, two of the empty roster spots have now been filled, with Spirit, formerly of World Elite, set to replace Reignover in the jungle and Gamsu, formerly of Dignitas, attempting to fill the shoes of the ever-exuberant Huni. By reputation, most analysts would rate Spirit as an upgrade over Reignover, but what about Gamsu? Is he an unpolished gem, a high-potential player who will blossom under Deilor’s coaching? Is Gamsu the next Huni?

If you’d asked me a few days ago, I might have said a simple yes. But after a deeper investigation of Gamsu’s play, I’ve come to a different opinion: it’s possible that Gamsu may, some day, become as good as Huni, but he is definitely not the type of player Huni is, and he probably never will be.

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