First Two Articles at theScore

My second article for theScore came out today, a strategic preview of some “win conditions” for each LCS Semifinalist team. Check it out!

Last week, I put out an opinion piece arguing that Piglet is the best AD Carry in North America right now, and he helped me out by earning MVP in Team Liquid’s Quarterfinal against NRG a couple of days later. I’m really excited to watch Team Liquid play CLG in the Semifinals. It could be a really close series, and it’s hard to call whether Liquid’s talent advantage will be able to overcome CLG’s great coaching and solid strategic play.

I’ve got a few other things on the go, and a ton of ideas churning around in my head. I’d like to get some infographics out, and I’m working on an LCK-focused piece for next week.

It’s also been a little bit since my last “Positional Power Ranking” article. It would be fun to do another one, but I’m not sure playoffs is the best time. I’m sure I’ll get to it before too long. Let me know what position you’d like to see!

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