EU LCS One-Sentence Power Rankings, June 20 2

To see how my perceptions of the teams have changed over the first three weeks of the 2016 summer split, check out my preseason rankings.

10. Unicorns of Love
They just can’t really keep up right now.

9. Giants Gaming
They’re not as bad as I thought they’d be; or maybe the other teams are worse.

8. Vitality
Vitality lack coordination and consistently show poor understanding of their win conditions, and their Korean imports look like downgrades.

7. Origen
Once they get a real AD carry I’ll happily give them more credit.

6c. Splyce
Better than they used to be, but weak early macro and a lack of playmaking mean they’re easily punished by decisive opponents.

6b. Schalke 04
Fox can’t do everything, though he tries—and sometimes gets punished—but if he doesn’t go out and make good things happen, no one else on the team is very likely to.

6a. Roccat
I don’t like singling out players for criticism, but Airwaks has a 27.7% death share and 4.3 deaths per game, and really needs to stop playing like he’s invincible, because it’s constantly costing his teammates—who are actually pretty good!—a lot of valuable momentum.

3. H2K
They will be really good if they can develop a few more dimensions of their play beyond their early-game macro and pick comps, and if they can learn to pull the trigger on team fights more decisively and cohesively.

2. Fnatic
Rekkles can carry after all, Spirit is great when he’s drafting to the meta, and the team is steadily learning and improving, enough that I see them surpassing H2K head-to-head as time goes on.

1. G2 Esports
It’s hard to argue against a team that can carry from literally any role on any given day, even if they still have some kinks to iron out and need to keep growing to stay ahead of the pack.

Yes, I put Splyce, Schalke 04, and Roccat all at a near-tie for sixth, because none of them are good enough to deserve being called an upper-half team right now.

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2 thoughts on “EU LCS One-Sentence Power Rankings, June 20

  • Sam Just-Married Han (@Justcasual9)

    Awww I’m disappointed with the huge tie for the 6th spot. Although I do agree that there is no team atm to challenge the top 3 teams. I strongly disagree that Giants is 9th though. I would’ve placed them 5th behind SPY at fourth.

    Enjoyed the 1 sentence format though!

    • Magic Post author

      Haha, the “tie” is still ordered in the ranks I see the teams in, but I wanted to communicate how big a gap I think there is between the top three and the rest of the field.

      I need to watch GIA a bit more closely. I may be missing something with them. All the evidence I’ve seen has been underwhelming, though, so they’ve got some work to do to convince me they can be legitimately competitive.