ESPN’s All-Star Roster Challenge

I’m a sucker for team-building games! Here’s the latest, from ESPN.

The basic concept is using the All Star rosters to build a team, using a $17 salary cap and ESPN’s prescribed values.

Hit the link for full details and generate your own team! Meanwhile, here’s what I built!

Ziv ($3)
Reignover ($3)
Faker ($5)
Doublelift ($3)
Aphromoo ($3)

Ziv and Reignover at $3 a piece are too good to pass up. Throw in some classic synergy between Doublelift and Aphromoo bot for some more good $3 value to allow for a full-price Faker in mid.

So much playmaking, so much solo lane flexibility.

Impact/Karsa would be similarly good choices for top/jungle, but I really like Ziv, and I think Reignover’s control style would be more useful than Karsa’s slightly more aggressive flavour, given the tools in the rest of the roster.

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