With Team SoloMid eliminated from the World Championships, the League of Legends world is preparing to say goodbye to TSM’s retiring Top laner, Dyrus, who will be remembered as one of the all-time greatest, and most beloved, North America-born players.

Dyrus wasn’t able to “go out on top” with another North American title or a deep Worlds run, but he is leaving behind a legacy only slightly tarnished by a hyperbolized and over-discussed decline in play during 2015.

In the immediate aftermath of TSM’s elimination, Dyrus’s thoughts turned immediately to his fans:

That tweet embodied part of what made Dyrus such a fan favourite (aside from playing for one of the world’s most recognizable esports brands): despite his sometimes sullen, closed-off demeanor, it has always been clear that Dyrus very heavily felt the weight of expectations from his fanbase, and took that as a personal challenge and responsibility. His losses were also his fans’ losses, and his wins were his fans’ wins.

The responses to Dyrus’s apologetic tweet were a tidal wave of encouragement.

Dyrus will be remembered fondly for his personality, his longevity, and his play.

Over the past few months, there have been hints and rumours that Dyrus is planning to release some insider information after his retirement, perhaps his own version of Link’s infamous 17-page “donezo manifesto”. For my part, I hope Dyrus takes some time to relax, unwind, and consider what he actually wants to put out there in the public eye, before he writes something that drags his former team–and teammates–into unnecessary drama, or reignites feuds with other players or organizations, or even with Riot Games itself.

The esports scene is still maturing, and has a long way to go. The way Dyrus handles his retirement will be an opportunity to prove that he is part of the maturing process. Dyrus has the right to air dirty laundry if he wants to, but there are positive and negative ways to do that. For his sake, and for the sake of professionalism in esports, I hope Dyrus takes the high road, and allows us all to focus on the many positives we’re taking away from another thrilling World Championships.

Congratulations on a tremendous career, Dyrus, and best of luck in the future, wherever your path takes you next.


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