Caster Notes: MSI 2016 Finals

Here’s an inside scoop on some statistical storylines to watch for in the Finals of the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational between Korea’s SK Telecom T1 and North America’s Counter Logic Gaming.

Faker’s Semifinals improvement

  • Faker went from -5.8 CSD@10 in the Round Robin to +5.0 CSD@10 in the Semifinals.
  • Faker went from -218 GD@10 in Round Robin to +93 GD@10 in the Semifinals.
  • Faker went from 24.1% damage share in Round Robin to 27.8% damage share in the Semifinals, mostly by virtue of a 42.8% damage share game on Azir, and despite playing two games on Fizz, who is a low-DPM champion in the mid lane.

Bang vs. Stixxay

  • Damage Per Minute: Bang (736) and Stixxay (618) have the highest DPMs at MSI so far. Faker (603) is third.
  • Farming: Bang leads MSI with 9.5 CS per Minute, Stixxay 9.1. Bang is averaging 30.4% of SKT’s post-15 CS, Stixxay 29.4%.

Kill participation and death shares

  • CLG’s duo lane has been absolutely core to their game plans. Aphromoo has taken over the Kill Participation lead for MSI, at 79.2%. Stixxay, at 75.8%, isn’t far behind.
  • The highest KP on SKT is Wolf’s 70.1%, with Bang and Blank both alongside him at 69.7%.
  • Wolf has given up 27.6% of SKT’s deaths, 2.6 deaths per game.
  • Aphromoo has CLG’s highest death share, at 22.5%, but that’s 2.9 deaths per game.

Baron control could be very important

  • SKT took 4 of 14 Barons (29%) in the Round Robin, but 3 of 4 Barons (75%) in their SF.
  • CLG took 11 of 14 Barons (79%) in the Round Robin, and 3 of 4 Barons (75%) in their SF.

Dragon control is a likely SKT advantage

  • SKT took 22 of 42 Dragons (52%) in the Round Robin, 9 of 14 (64%) in their SF.
  • CLG took 19 of 42 Dragons (45%) in the Round Robin, 6 of 16 (38%) in their SF.

Early game

  • SKT and CLG have been the two best early-game teams at MSI. SKT +1,159 gold @ 15, CLG +773 gold @ 15.
  • SKT have been more diligent with early Dragons, taking first Dragon 71% of the time, vs. CLG’s 43%.

Vision is another likely SKT advantage

  • SKT have higher WPM (3.71 to CLG’s 3.50) and WCPM (1.64 to CLG’s 1.55).
  • SKT, on average, have cleared 28.9% of their opponents’ invisible wards (green and yellow wards), which leads MSI. CLG average just 24.9% invisible ward clear rate.

For more MSI stats, check out the Oracle’s Elixir Player Stats and Team Stats pages for the event.

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