AskFM Roundup: November 17

I did another round of Q&A recently. Here are my responses to some of the most interesting questions.

Q: Have you seen the misfits jungle post on facebook? There’s gbm, rush, peanut, reignover and spirit. Do you think it’s just bait or they could pick one of those up? If so, who? And don’t you think a rising jungler like Crash or Beyond would be better?

I doubt it’s a simple bait.

Misfits may have money, but it’s very unlikely that they’re suddenly going to pick up Peanut, Reignover, etc. If I were Crash, Beyond, or someone else of that calibre, I’d rather join a team with more likelihood of being a top-tier contender. Not to say that Misfits can’t be one of EU’s better teams, but they have a long way to go to prove that still.

Given the circumstances, a GBM signing seems as plausible as any other speculation, and IMO it’s pretty clear they’re hinting in that direction. Spirit wouldn’t surprise me that much either.

Q: If there was a LoL Olympics, who should the USA send as a team? How about South Korea?

Top: Hauntzer
Jungle: Inori (note: in retrospect, I’d change this to Xmithie)
Mid: Pobelter
ADC: Doublelift
Support: Aphromoo

Top: Ssumday (synergy with Score)
Jungle: Score
Mid: Faker
Bot: Bang+Wolf for synergy, or Deft+Mata for awesomeness

Q: Do you think WT will stay with TSM after IEM? If you think he’s not the best option, who is?

I don’t expect WildTurtle to stick with TSM.

If you look to the import market, you could probably name a lot of names and I don’t want to overly speculate. If you stay local, you have to have the mindset of player development rather than a “win-now” pickup, which is why I brought up Massacre, who played for Dream Team, in my TSM offseason game plan article (

In a perfect world, of course someone like Deft would be awesome, but there’s risk involved in that kind of signing, too. A healthy Freeze might work out, too, but like I said, I don’t want to speculate too hard.

Q: If there is anyone close to Faker in term of all time greatness (aside from bengi), who do you think it is?

No one is close. Individuals have come close to him for periods of time, like Smeb this year, but no one has sustained it as well, or earned anywhere near the same accolades.

You have to step down a tier, then you can talk about Mata maybe.

Q: Do you think like the most people do that ROX was the second best team in the worlds?

Yes. ROX looked more convincing in the bracket stage than SSG did, in my opinion, even though both took two games off SKT. SSG had a much easier path than ROX. No one else deserves to be discussed on the same tier as those three based on what we saw during the overall event.

Q: What’s your favorite teams?

NA: Team Liquid
EU: Fnatic
LCK: KT Rolster
LPL: Snake

Q: Your esport goal during 2017?

My long-term goal is to work in esports full-time in a role that allows me to support my family. That’s a challenge for me since I have kids and I don’t want to move (farther) away from grandparents etc. But what I’m doing now as a freelancer is pretty cool!

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