AskFM AMA: October 20

I spent some time answering questions on this evening (and I’m happy to answer more questions if anyone has any!).

In case you missed it, I’ve posted a couple of the responses below, with more linked underneath.


Question: If the “Doublelift is Retiring” rumor is true, assuming no other roster changes happen to TSM (however likely that may be) who would you want to see as their next AD?

Tough one! Piglet!?! 😉

The place to start is by identifying what characteristics a team like TSM needs. I could (and maybe will, depending how things play out) write an entire article on that topic.

My opinions might change or become more nuanced once I did my homework properly, but in brief, I think TSM needs a team-fighting ADC who is relatively low-risk but can reliably get his job done in the mid and late game. Strong laning is always helpful, especially now that we see standard lanes in every game, but I wouldn’t want to see a Forg1ven-style player whose primary value comes in lane.

I think it’s okay for TSM to have a high-resource ADC, in terms of requiring jungle attention, as long as it’s not Uzi-level neediness. Hauntzer is very versatile and can play with or without jungle help, and Bjergsen can do anything. TSM should feel free to play around their bot lane.

In a lot of ways, I think Piglet actually would be a good fit, aside from the communication downgrade. But I’m still hoping Team Liquid will find a better set of teammates for Piglet and bring him back!

Question: What’s your take on the EU shortcomings this year?

Unsurprising to close observers.

First off, kudos to H2K for reaching semifinals. They beat EDward Gaming twice, which earned them a nice bracket draw, and this was their reward.

That said, I agree that EU fell short overall this year. G2 looked bad, Splyce did their best in a tough group but were ultimately out-classed, and H2K, well, let’s see how Sunday goes I guess?

EU lost a lot of skill this year, especially in the mid lane, through departures (Froggen, also Huni and Reignover) and downward trajectories (PowerOfEvil, xPePii, Yellowstar). They made some weak imports (and some good ones, to be fair). And due to lack of funding as well as, IMO, poor player mindsets, they failed to keep up with NA in the development of their infrastructure (look at Origen, Deilor, etc.).

There’s still strength in Europe, and I think Fnatic will find a way to get back on track next year while some other teams aggregate more skill to improve the top end of the standings. There’s no guarantee that the EU LCS is really going to level back up, though, unless we see some really big good news stories come out over the next few months. Here’s hoping!

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