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LCK Power Rankings – 2017 Spring Split

Here are my LCK preseason power rankings. (You can go read my more in-depth projections for the NA LCS and EU LCS, as well.)

These rankings are meant to project the final standings of the 2017 spring split, based on my expectations of how these rosters will perform over the next few months. My criteria include:

  • The skill levels of the five players;
  • How well the players’ strengths, weaknesses, and play styles fit together into a cohesive unit; and
  • The players’ expected ability to communicate and coordinate their play, based on language, past team play performances, and quality of coaching staff.

I won’t be diving into full discussion like I did for EU and NA, but if you have questions about my thoughts on specific teams you can always reach me on Twitter or Ask.FM.

Rank Team Top Jungle Mid ADC Support
1 SK Telecom T1 Huni/Profit Peanut Faker Bang Wolf
2 KT Rolster Smeb Score Pawn Deft Mata
3 Samsung Galaxy CuVee Ambition Crown Ruler CoreJJ/Wraith
4 Longzhu Gaming Expession Crash Fly/Bdd PraY GorillA
5 Afreeca Freecs MaRin Spirit Kuro Kramer TusiN
6 MVP ADD Beyond Ian MaHa Max
7 Jin Air Green Wings ikssu/SoHwan Umti Kuzan Teddy SnowFlower/Raise
8 Kongdoo Monster Roach Punch Edge SSol GuGer
9 BBQ Olivers Crazy Bless Tempt Ghost Totoro
10 ROX Tigers Lindarang/Shy SeongHwan Mickey Sangyoon Key