2016 Spring LCS Awards Ballot

I was invited to vote on the LCS awards for the 2016 spring split. Here’s how my ballot looked.


1. Reignover, IMT
2. Jensen, C9
3. Aphromoo, CLG
4. Froggen, FOX

NA Rookie

1. Dardoch, TL
2. Matt, TL
3. Kfo, FOX
4. Lourlo, TL

NA Coach

1. Zikz, CLG
2. Locodoco, TL
3. Dylan, IMT
4. Cop, FOX


1. KaSing, VIT
2. Zven, OG
3. Jankos, H2K
4. Trick, G2

EU Rookie

1. Perkz, G2
2. Hybrid, G2
3. Sencux, SPY
4. Kobbe, SPY

EU Coach

1. Youngbuck, G2
2. Shaunz, VIT
3. Sheepy, UOL
4. Pr0lly, H2K

Hit me up on Twitter if you’re wondering why I made any of these selections! It’s always a fun conversation.

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