My 2016 Highlights

In 2015, I did a pretty detailed recap of my journey up to that point. At that point I had just crested 1,000 Twitter followers and was still working to establish myself as a legitimate voice in the analytical writing space. Fast forward to today and I’m creeping up towards 4,400 Twitter followers and keeping the ball rolling as a content creator.

For 2016 I’m not going to bust out a full timeline or a thank you list, but I made a lot of progress and produced a lot of content. Here are a few of my highlights from the past 12 months.

Joined theScore esports as a freelancer
In April, I signed on with theScore esports as a freelance writer. I had been writing for Unikrn, but I was excited about the opportunity to reach a larger audience and contribute alongside great writers like Kelsey Moser and Emily Rand.

My first article with theScore was about Piglet’s terrific body of work in the 2016 spring split. Since then, I’ve contributed many more articles, a variety of video scripts, and a few infographics. Earlier today I shared links to a few of my favourite pieces from that body of work.

I’m excited to keep producing content with theScore in 2017!

Voted on official LCS awards
During the spring split, Riot invited me (on a caster’s recommendation) to be part of the media voting for LCS awards. That was a huge honour. As far as I’m aware, I was the only person invited to submit a ballot for both the NA LCS and EU LCS, which I did in both the spring and summer splits. I’m pretty proud of that distinction since there aren’t many people who write about both leagues consistently.

I’m planning to cover both North America and Europe closely in 2017 as well, and I hope I’ll have the chance to contribute to the awards process on both sides of the Atlantic again.

Attended summer finals in Toronto
In August, I had the chance to fly out to Toronto to cover the NA LCS summer finals. I watched the games from the press box with some really cool people like Emily Rand and Scarra, and was able to meet (or at least say hi to) a lot of people whose work I really respect, like Jatt, Phreak, Azael, Fionn, Crumbzz, Travis Gafford, and many others.

I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be able to attend any live events in 2017, but I’d like to!

Overall, 2016 was a year of consistent growth for me. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to put my work out to be read, and especially the chances I’ve had to engage with readers and other analysts.

In 2017, I want to focus on my strengths and keep building up my presence as a writer, statistician, and personality, while also improving and cementing its role in the LoL esports ecosystem. I’m not really looking to break new ground so much as keep the momentum going and double down on the things that are already working.

Thanks for taking the journey with me so far! I’m excited about the year ahead.

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