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Magic’s 2015 in Review

At the beginning of 2015, I was just another casual fan of League of Legends esports. Now, as the year comes to a close, I’m busy with a lot of different LoL-related projects, and considering my options for my future in esports.

It’s been a crazy, awesome year, with so many great highlights and big moments. The timeline below hits some of the high notes of my esports journey through 2015.


Casual fan


Casual fan


Discover lolesports.com Match History pages

Launch OraclesElixir.com


Write several articles at GoldPer10.com, with multiple appearances on the front page of the LoL sub-Reddit

Highlight: “Don’t Call Him Just Consistent: Cop’s Rise to the Top


Sign a contract with Fusion eSports as a paid content creator

Discuss paid analyst opportunities with multiple LCS teams

Support LMS broadcasters with data and advice


Join Fnatic as a volunteer Statistical Consultant; continued through the World Championships

MonteCristo is linked to OraclesElixir.com and begins using the site to prep for his broadcasts


Sign with Unikrn to provide regular analytical articles

Begin providing occasional data analysis to NA LCS broadcasters

OraclesElixir.com is mentioned by Jatt on an NA LCS broadcast


Highlight: “Piccaboo: The Hero KT Rolster Needed

Highlight: “On An Island: Top Laner Play in the LCS and LCK


Highlight: “Hai Rise: How Hai’s Return Changed Cloud9


Launch the True Sight Podcast

Appear on Into the Rift

Highlight: Launch of “early-game rating” metric


Highlight: Podcast episode 6, featuring Chris Ehrenreich

Highlight: “Bjergsen + Doublelift + 3“, my most successful article of the year

Highlight: “Addition by Subtraction: Team Liquid’s Hopes for Smoothie“, a personal favourite


Discuss paid analyst opportunities with multiple LCS teams; choose not to pursue anything

Highlight: “Is Gamsu the Next Huni?

Pass my one millionth page view of the year

Reach 1,000 Twitter followers




Thank you so much to everyone I have connected with along the way. Special thanks to Ryan Tang, Daniel Biery, Joshua Leesman, Bryce Blum, Christopher Mykles, Chris Smith, Kelsey Moser, Clement Chu, and many others who have encouraged, supported, and promoted me this year.

The future is bound to hold more great things for myself and hopefully for OraclesElixir.com! I hope you’ll come along for the ride.