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True Sight 012 – “How did Dignitas go about building their 2016 LCS roster?” with InnerFlame

I ask Joe “InnerFlame” Elouassi, manager of Team Dignitas, “How did Dignitas go about building their 2016 LCS roster?”


  • 1:24 InnerFlame’s role in building the Dignitas roster
  • 2:13 Is Dignitas’s approach to their roster influenced more by budget or philosophy?
  • 4:12 Comparing SmittyJ and Kirei joining DIG to Huni and Reignover joining Fnatic
  • 5:30 Why did Dignitas hold on to KiWiKiD and Shiphtur?
  • 6:38 Maintaining the personality and identity of a team
  • 7:47 The importance of having a hunger to win: “I don’t want a player who’s just happy taking his LCS pay check.”
  • 8:16 What type of players are Kirei and Smitty? Aggressive, fun to watch
  • 9:09 How much does each player’s play style factor into building a roster? “It’s easier to teach an aggressive player to be passive than a passive player to be aggressive.”
  • 11:08 Scouting players by spectating solo queue
  • 11:42 “Nobody gets carried to success”
  • 12:22 Why has Apollo received so little credit or praise for his contributions to Team Impulse?
  • 13:34 InnerFlame’s goals for Dignitas in 2016: “I’ll be disappointed with Top 5. Anything under that is not an option.”

Music by Bradley Rains

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